Uniting the most innovative CleanTech and Smart Building product and service providers and decision makers, the CleanTech-Age Expo & Conference serves as a curated marketplace for the $1 trillion global CleanTech industry. The CleanTech Age Expo & Conference will specifically address the business development, sales, marketing and finance needs of CleanTech, Energy Efficiency, Electric Vehicle and other CleanTech and Green or Smart Building products and services.

The CleanTechAge Expo & Conference is hosted by the GreenStreet Network (www.greenstreetnetwork.com) and Produced by the Osiris James Group (www.osirisjamesgroup.com). It is the primary mission of the Expo to bring together the industry’s best talent and most dynamic and growing businesses in the CleanTech and Smart Building fields and to help grow every one of the participants into highly successful industry leaders. In addition, the Expo will serve as a curated marketplace for dynamic B to B business exchanges.

About the GreenStreet Network

The GreenStreet Network (GSN) is a market-driven curated network of clean technology and smart building professionals and organizations with a range of expertise in smart technologies and the “green” built environment.

GSN provides the curated Network of the people, companies, and organizations who are driving the marketplace and shaping the future economy. GSN Membership provides access to targeted business leads ​through our proprietary online Sales Portal​ GSN is also developing an unparalleled Finance Program that will include a Crowdfunding platform, Social Venture Angel Investors and a network of Venture Firms that specialize in CleanTech corporate funding. As a GSN Member there is access to an ongoing educational program from Experts and Leaders in the Industry about state-of-the-art products and services. GSN Members also are rewarded with numerous speaking and presentation opportunities to enhance exposure in the field.

About the Osiris James Group.com

Osiris James Group (OJG) is a technology sales and digital marketing consulting firm. Osiris James Group (OJG) provides virtual on-demand sales outsourcing, digital marketing services, and software applications combined with a human capital management solution. Osiris James Group (OJG) consults small to mid-size businesses on how to reduce cost and navigate the new paradigm of sales and marketing.