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APRIL 16-17, 2018



CleanTechAge Expo 2018
APRIL 16-17, 2018

The CleanTechAge Expo & Conference is the premier destination and marketplace for the new paradigm of sales and marketing, business development methods and financing opportunities for cleantech products and service providers. This exclusive event offers the undisputed best platform to position your company as a leading vendor in the fast-emerging Clean Technology and Green Building marketplace. The event will deliver new business contacts, new project leads and actionable information that will create value for each and every exhibitor and attendee.

Essentially the cleantech Age expo and conference is a solution-based exposition, in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be achieved; from generating sales leads, launching new products, to building brand image.


The goal of the expo and conference is to create high brand visibility for vendors, and sponsors while marketing and promoting electric vehicles, clean technology and energy efficient products and services to both commercial and residential property owners.

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Clean Power
  3. Smart Buildings
  4. Big Data/The Cloud/IoT
  5. Smart Mobility
  6. Finance

Who Should Attend CleanTechAge Expo 2018

The event is designed to address the marketing and outreach needs of decision makers within clean-tech, energy efficiency, green building, finance, government, utilities and the information technology sectors, as well as provide property owners the with information and tools to acquire the cost savings benefits of energy efficiency and clean energy.

  • Business Professionals, Executives, and Managers; Sales and Marketing Directors, Business Development Professionals, Energy Managers, COOs, Plant Managers, Facilities Directors and those who directly manage utility services within your organization.
  • Buildings: Property Managers, Facilities, Real Estate Developers and Real Estate Management Companies deploying next generation energy efficiency techniques and IT tools to measure, monitor and control energy, enterprise resources and building operations.
  • Transportation: Fleet & Logistics Managers, Transportation Systems Managers, and those in charge of diversifying fleet operations and implementing electric vehicles.
  • IT: CIOs, CTOs or Directors of IT with activities involving buildings, logistics, application development and energy management.
  • Government, Products and Service Providers, Non Profit Organizations

Why Sponsor or Exhibit

Transforming marketing from a cost center to a revenue producer is an extensive process which requires new skills, processes, collaboration, and technology. In today’s world, cleantech, green building, the cloud, big data, clean energy marketers have to be more responsible and accountable for pipeline and revenue. How do organizations become revenue marketers? Come learn from the experiences of industry thought leaders on how they are transforming marketing roles to be an integral and indispensable component of the revenue-producing engines of their companies.

  • Discover Market Development & Market Expansion: Standard Practice, increase market penetration as we move towards a clean technology and smart building future.
  • Access Financing, Government  Incentive Funding, grants and loans aimed at advancing emerging technologies and promoting market expansion of new technologies.
  • The 2018 Cleantech-Age Expo and Conference focuses on how economic realize are driving the adjustments in the marketing and selling process for cleantech product and service providers
  • Transform your lead generation, sales and marketing process, and your bottom line. Be inspired by the latest clean technology customer engagement strategies for growing your business
  • Network with the property managers, owners, IT professionals, CEO’S and CFO’s, manufactures and suppliers. Discover what’s need to achieve your financing, sales, and marketing goals.
  • Cleantech Age defines the newest technologies, concepts, projects, and methods that are paving the path to a sustainable world.
  • This remarkable opportunity for your company to cover our innovative event series will put you directly in contact with our Fortune 500 sponsors. These admirable companies have been the leading developers of a sustainable approach to business operations.

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Speakers in Clean Tech Age Expo 2018

Lie Xang, VP of Clean Tech Energy

Liza Ray, Founder and CFO of Liza Ray Inc

Osiris James, Founder and CEO of Osiris James Group

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